Promotion Announcement: Brittany Bradford is Now Our Senior Account Manager

Brittany Bradford

How Brittany’s New Role Promotes Client Success

Congratulations to Brittany Bradford, our newly promoted Senior Account Manager!

If you’re one of our returning clients, you may have noticed Brittany stepping up her role in ongoing communications and project strategy. That’s because Brittany is transitioning into a new role that allows her to focus more directly on client service and success.

For new clients that haven’t met Brittany yet, you can learn more about her and her previous role in this introduction blog from when she first started with us in 2019. Here’s a quick summary that will get you up to speed: Brittany is an energetic and hands-on client-relationship expert who is always ready to take on new challenges and opportunities — whether that’s learning advanced skills and creating inbound marketing solutions in her professional life, or taking on a new, outdoorsy adventure in her personal life.

Brittany has been successfully architecting HubSpot onboarding and expansion plans for many of our clients for more than a year now. With her technical prowess on HubSpot, alongside her strengths in understanding our clients’ pain points and coming up with new solutions to address them, it only makes sense for Brittany to transition into a more client growth-focused role where she can work closely with our current and future clients to help them achieve their goals.

Here’s what this transition means for Brittany, our clients, and our team.

Always Lending an Ear

“Really what I’m excited about is taking on more of a relationship-building role that can help our clients succeed.”

Brittany’s transition into Senior Account Manager will make her the main contact for several of our clients to listen to the issues they’re facing and address their changing needs over time. Brittany will be managing and nurturing several ongoing projects, which will streamline communication by making her our go-to problem solver.

This positions Brittany as a bridge between our production team and clients who currently work with multiple contacts on our team — so those clients can come to her with new work requests or problems and Brittany will delegate work and spark internal conversations to create solutions. This will get new and immediately-needed work onto our production schedule quicker, as Brittany will tackle concerns as they come up and reach out to key team members to coordinate their execution.

Driving Long-Term Value

“I’m basically going to be the liaison between understanding our clients’ goals and challenges and our production team creating excellent work that matches those priorities.”

Now that Brittany’s position is more focused on long-term client success, she’ll always be looking for additional opportunities to drive more value. She’ll nurture our current projects so she’s fully tuned-in to clients and able to recognize and help our team pivot to new opportunities where they’re available.

Client support, strategy, and engagement are now Brittany’s top priorities. This will give her the opportunity to directly serve our clients in re-evaluating and pushing their inbound marketing efforts forward as time goes on, we collect more data, and circumstances and priorities shift. She’ll not only be focused on what we’re doing but also why we’re doing it, in order to consistently improve results for our clients.

Helping Everyone Win

“The most fulfilling part of my job is finding little wins that make a huge difference for clients.”

Sometimes small changes can make all the difference. Brittany’s previous role as Account Manager has taught her how to spot these “little wins,” and she’s excited to apply this skill to her new position to help clients win more traffic and leads — and ultimately serve their customers better.

For our team, having one dedicated lead focused directly on client success rather than production will help to ensure our work is consistently focused on our clients’ newest and greatest needs. Brittany will also help express our expertise to clients easier, by streamlining communications and summarizing the updates coming from our team into the most essential details — taking into account feedback from clients on which information and metrics are crucial to them.

Searching for More Ways to Support You

“I enjoy building relationships, solving problems, and helping businesses realize their full potential. I am excited about the opportunities this new role provides to create real-world solutions for clients and see them pass the benefits of those solutions onto their customers.”

If you’ve ever seen Arrested Development, you know the phrase “there’s always money in the banana stand.” In the series, while the Bluth family’s real estate firm is struggling, the protagonist’s imprisoned father constantly insists that “there’s always money” in the small boardwalk frozen banana stand they own.

Not understanding how the banana stand could bring them more money, the protagonist of the show is frustrated by these comments. It isn’t until he’s burning down the banana stand in anger that he finds $250,000 hiding in the banana stand’s walls.

This describes how Brittany is approaching her new role — there are always more ways to help our clients even if they’re not immediately visible or obvious, and she’s here to find and implement them.

Positioning You for Success

Brittany’s new position as Senior Account Manager plays into why she went into sales in the first place — to find innovative marketing solutions that positively affect businesses. This change ultimately positions her, us, and our clients for continued success!

We’re excited to see how Brittany’s new role can help us create more value for clients. If you’re ready to work with Brittany and the rest of the team on your inbound marketing strategy, contact us today.

Hayley Glessner

Hayley Glessner

Hayley is a Junior Copywriter at NgageContent. As a content creator, she is always trying to help our clients draw in and engage potential customers in a way that aligns with their central purpose.

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