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Let’s create content marketing that speaks directly to your audience.

Our team of experienced content marketers plan, strategize, create and post great content for every step in your buyer’s journey. This gives you the fuel you need for your inbound marketing efforts without any of the hassle.

Persona research

Buyer personas are representations of your ideal customers that help you target your marketing efforts towards those who are most able to purchase from you. Having a deep understanding of your buyer personas is critical to content creation, inbound marketing and sales efforts. But coming up with these on your own is no easy task. As part of our content marketing efforts, we help develop these personas so that your team and our team know who we’re writing for and what grabs their attention.

Content Strategy

Our expertise in content marketing really starts with our understanding of content strategy. To persuade potential buyers to stay on your site or share information about themselves with you, you have to provide content that targets their interests and keeps their attention.  We focus on understanding your buyer personas and then use that knowledge to create strategic content assets and types. That can be anything from industry-specific blog posts to full eBooks or whitepapers.

Editorial Calendar

As the NgageContent team works with you to set your content strategy, we’ll also work with you on your editorial calendar. This is your ongoing production schedule for when content is needed. This isn’t just a big spreadsheet with dates on it. The calendar focuses on timing content with your buyer’s needs and your offerings.

Production Process

As your content marketing partner, we follow our strategy and editorial calendar to give you a clear process that we communicate to you. You’ll never wonder what content is being produced or if it’s ready for you to review.

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