Meet the Team

Senior Content Manager

Jason Arkley

Content-focused former journalist absorbed in telling and highlighting the stories that connect us.


Mike Cottrill

Sales and marketing executive obsessed with accelerating growth and tackling opportunities for our partners.


JD Eaton

Lead designer, creative director and detail-oriented innovator focused on making the world functional and beautiful.

Vice President of Client Services

Scott Finkelstein

Seasoned content creator, wordsmith and punctuation nerd on a never-ending quest to know everything.

PPC Specialist

Kevin Kaneria

Experienced Google Ads specialist focused on lead generation on an optimized budget for our clients.


Jessica Kusisto

Enthusiastic writer and marketer focused on delivering quality content for our clients.

Junior Copywriter

Alex Lemen

Creative writer who is eager to create fun and functional content.

Web Developer

Abe Mustafa

Aspiring full stack developer trying to automate as much as he can both internally and externally, cutting down the wear and tear of mouses and keyboards everywhere.

Junior Designer

Kylee Nyholm

Passionate Graphic Designer with a focus on beautiful visuals and functionality.

Director of Marketing Technology

Jacob Olle

Inbound marketing Jedi on a mission to deploy unified, systematic, and measurable solutions across CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Account Manager

Hannah Powall

Creative project manager who's passionate about taking your ideas and fully executing them in real life.

Junior Copywriter

Regan Puckett

Passionate storyteller and copywriter devoted to forging long-lasting connections through compelling content.

Account Executive

Erik Salo

Veteran account management executive focused on marrying technology, strategy, and the right team to drive successful client solutions.

Art Director

Loren Shumaker

Graphic designer that's passionate about the process of visual problem solving through design.

Inbound Strategist

Valentina Slechticovas

Experienced SEO content creator with an agency background and drive for moving the needle for our clients.

Business Development Coordinator

Zach Sweat

Experienced sales person and coach who's excited to help our clients identify new areas of opportunities to maximize growth.


Troy Sympson

Trained journalist and social media junkie with an understanding of how content builds relationships.

Junior Copywriter

Jordan Wilson

Dedicated copywriter and wordsmith with a passion for building relationships and starting conversations.

NgageContent helps you take the guesswork out of marketing. We create connections with your audience that generate results. 

Our Team

We are an experienced team of inbound marketers, content strategists, web developers and recovering journalists obsessed with building powerful campaigns for our partners. We stay on the cutting edge of inbound marketing so you can lean on us to help drive your business.

Our Work

We combine the art of marketing with the modern tools and data that generate more leads and drive more business. We handle content marketing, inbound strategy, social media and lead generation best practices to build a custom solution for your organization.