Welcome Amber Mosley, Our Newest Marketing Operations Specialist!

Amber Mosley Joins the Team as Our New Marketing Operations Specialist

The last year has been huge for NgageContent’s growth. In the last 12 calendar months, we added two copywriters, one graphic designer, and one web developer to the team. And we’re continuing that trend by adding Amber Mosley, our new Marketing Operations Specialist! Hailing from sunny Florida, she’ll join our fabulous team of remote marketing professionals.

Amber will be our expert on all things HubSpot. She’ll support the implementation and optimization of our clients’ HubSpot accounts, set strategy, and ensure campaign alignment. She’ll also head up reporting, developing templates, and managing the daily operations of HubSpot accounts.

We’re so excited you’re here, Amber!


Amber’s Impressive Background

Amber has worn many hats in her professional career, and we know she’s up to the task of managing our HubSpot needs. Most recently, she was a freelance Marketing Operations Manager and social media expert for B2B and B2C clients.

“During my time in social media marketing, I found a gap in ‘where are your leads going after they find you on social,’” Amber said. “That began my love for automation and finding a way to engage leads after they become aware of the brand, supporting them through the buyer’s journey.”

Her background gives her ample knowledge about HubSpot, and we’re excited to see that skillset applied to our client work.

But her impressive background doesn’t stop there! She also held her dream job of working as a Community Engagement Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Rays. However, while working there, she was diagnosed with endometriosis and made the difficult decision to leave her dream behind and pivot into the world of digital marketing. Now, Amber uses her marketing skills to amplify her voice and encourage others who are dealing with that same diagnosis.

What Does Amber Do Outside of Work?

Amber is a phenomenal baker! She loves making red velvet cheesecake brownies. We know we can count on her to bring the dessert to our next in-person meet-up! When she’s not in the kitchen, she enjoys crocheting and reading. You can often find her unwinding outside in her hammock with a romance, mystery, or sci-fi book in hand.

Fun fact: Amber’s also in the middle of planning a destination wedding in Jamaica! What a busy year of new and exciting beginnings.

Why Join NgageContent?

Amber’s skill set would make her a valuable asset to any team. So, why did she choose to join Ngage? While she had a successful freelance business, she had no desire to build out an agency of her own. Instead, she wanted a team environment where she could be supported by like-minded people.

When interviewing at Ngage, Amber was struck by the company’s focus on people. She loved to hear how leadership supports our team and fosters a culture of work-life balance. She was also interested in getting into inbound marketing, which is our main focus.

“I appreciate how inbound marketing flips the script on traditional approaches by putting people squarely at the heart of our marketing endeavors. Instead of clamoring for attention, we’re focused on connecting with individuals on a personal level, addressing their needs, and offering value every step of the way. We’re not just talking; we’re listening, learning, and adapting based on the feedback we receive. Simply put, inbound gives us the opportunity to speak to, not at, audiences.”

Amber is already on her way to making big strides at NgageContent. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Jessica Kusisto

Jessica Kusisto

Jessica is an enthusiastic writer and marketer focused on delivering quality content for our clients.

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