Lead Generation & Nurturing

Generate and Nurture Qualified Leads with Targeted Marketing.

Creating a return on your investment in marketing starts with understanding how to do lead generation and where your best sales opportunities lie.

Lead generation starts with driving potential buyers to your site and then engaging them with information and content that talks directly to them. At NgageContent, we understand what drives action online, and we work with you to create lead generation strategies that push more early engagement on your site. As we drive this demand, we nurture these new leads through the early stages of your sales process so they are educated on your offerings and how to buy from you.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Working with your team, we bring customer acquisition full circle by unifying your inbound marketing and sales processes to deliver more happy customers. That starts by attracting more leads to your site and nurturing them through the first phases of their buyer cycle. We help develop a relationship with them online and then create a funnel that engages them on their own terms as they get prepared to buy. We focus on marketing efforts built around the needs of your leads, and providing the information and answers they need. This means you’ll generate more new leads and move more leads through your sales process.

Landing Pages

Customized landing pages are the key to making your leads feel like you tailor content that talks directly to them. Our team creates landing pages that focus on capturing essential lead information that will inform your lead scoring and fuel your sales efforts.

Marketing Automation Tooling Selection

It’s no secret that marketing automation is an essential tool for modern B2B marketing. It personalizes buyer experiences and takes the guesswork out of the lead nurturing process. But selecting and implementing the right tool can be a true challenge for most companies. That’s where NgageContent content can step in and take over on your behalf.

We’re a HubSpot partner, an ActiveCampaign reseller and we have experience managing Pardot and Marketo. We’ll help you clear through the clutter to find the tool that is best for your industry and your team.

Lead Scoring

One of the most effective ways to nurture leads is to measure their activity and score it for your team. This scoring system lets you compare that activity to other leads so you know who is engaging with your online content and how that compares to typical buyer behavior. As we measure this engagement, we’ll adjust your scoring to ensure that your salespeople always call the right lead at just the right time.

Managed Workflows for HubSpot, Marketo and Others

We understand how to manage and feed the automation tools that can drive your marketing efforts. We’ll create internal workflows for our team and yours to create a clear playbook on how to set up and keep up your digital marketing machine.

Automation Integration

Whatever marketing and sales tools are right for you, we make sure your systems are integrated together so that you aren’t losing time managing systems instead of deals. We can help you review your existing automation and CRM tools to provide solutions for a simple, detailed dashboard of your most relevant action items.

Measurements and Results

We continuously measure our efforts and share the results with you to make sure we’re giving your team the most qualified leads possible. We want to show you what your investment in inbound marketing is producing and how it’s impacting your bottom line.

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