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River Saas Capital is a venture debt lender that is focused on providing funding to SaaS companies through non-dilutive growth capital — an alternative to equity-based forms of lending such as angel investors and venture capital.

As a recently formed fund, River Saas Capital was looking to build awareness of its financing services. The company was also looking to increase top-of-funnel leads through inbound marketing — specifically ongoing blogging, social media support, email marketing, digital advertising, and search engine optimization of its current website.


The NgageContent team first developed a Salesforce workflow that would move qualified leads through River SaaS Capital’s funnel efficiently, allowing them to maintain contact with prospects that were not yet at the ideal level of monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Modeled after the company’s specific funnel, prospects received communications nurturing them throughout the process — keeping River SaaS Capital top-of-mind as prospects built their revenue and moving them closer toward an application.

For contacts that had submitted an application, this workflow continued the nurturing process — reminding contacts of where their application stood, what was next in the process, and what steps were needed from the applicant.

NgageContent also developed an SEO keyword strategy to build River SaaS Capital’s organic search rankings and place their thought leadership in growing SaaS companies’ searches. Long-form blog content was developed on a monthly basis to educate SaaS companies on the benefits and advantages of venture debt financing. In-depth industry white papers were also developed along with a supporting campaign strategy to share the white paper with prospects. Social media content was developed and managed on a monthly basis as well — helping to drive traffic, build the company’s social following, and share valuable insights with followers.

Top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel email campaigns were also developed, keeping River SaaS Capital in constant contact with existing prospects and customers and helping to move qualified leaders deeper into the funnel. The NgageContent team also evaluated the company’s website on a monthly basis, identifying improvements in website structure, SEO, conversion optimization, and content to keep the site fresh and performing well.

In Q1 2019, NgageContent and River SaaS Capital partnered on “state of the SaaS” industry report. We surveyed a number of SaaS companies to determine how they raised venture debt funding as well as how they put that funding to use for growth. This report was developed prior to the SaaStr Annual industry event, allowing River SaaS Capital to share the report with prospects and capture additional leads both at the event and afterward.


NgageContent and River SaaS Capital have also partnered on an annual research project detailing the state of the SaaS industry. Each year, we survey a number of SaaS companies to determine how they raised funding and how they put that funding to use for growth. To date, these industry reports continue to drive dozens of leads per month as SaaS companies get insights from their peers and learn about the value of key funding and marketing strategies.

Download the SaaS Industry Report | Visit River SaaS Capital