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Wisr is a fast-growing SaaS company focused on solving a big problem in the higher education space by connecting students and alumni together to help drive career opportunities.

From the beginning, Wisr had a strong feel for their market, as their founding team came from an ed tech background. But as they grew, the way they represented their story on the web did not adequately show their capabilities.


Wisr might know it’s market better than any client we’ve worked with at NgageContent. They’ve grown the business through focusing on higher ed institutions who most need their help, and they’ve built an unbelievable client base. Coming into our partnership with Wisr, we knew the best thing we could provide for them was clear messaging about who they helped, supported by stories of they’ve already done it.

There were two key areas where they could do this: thoughtful content for their industry and through their website. Over the course of our partnership with them, we helped them grow a summit series that created conversations in their industry. From this series came powerful content about how the industry was being shaped. It also provided the Wisr team even more detail on how they can help their clients.

We also helped them launch a new website that tells their story and helps visitors understand how Wisr might be a fit for them. To help them simplify their marketing efforts, we also worked with them to roll out HubSpot as a way to manage forms, email marketing and landing pages.  


Wisr’s fast-paced growth has continued in 2018. They are more focused than ever on connecting students and alumni and have a roadmap for big product innovation over the next year. Their new content, website and marketing approach has helped them even better identify why they are thought leaders in their space, giving them an edge on the competition.

You can visit the new Wisr website at getwisr.com.


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