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Ranch Bookings is an online booking management platform for guest ranches — a niche market within adventure travel. Despite the unique and growing nature of this form of destination travel, guest ranches across the country continue to manage their online bookings through inefficient spreadsheets and paper processes. Furthermore, by not providing an online solution for reservations, guest ranches miss out on a significant amount of qualified lead opportunities.

To address this problem, Ranch Bookings developed a SaaS platform to provide customized, automated booking management for guest ranches. However, as a growing startup, Ranch Bookings needed to both increase awareness of its platform and services as well as develop a strong inbound lead generation process.


Ranch Bookings partnered with NgageContent to build out its inbound infrastructure to coordinate with its business development efforts. Our team assisted in setting up Ranch Bookings’ HubSpot account, creating workflows and activity-based automation, and creating an industry-appropriate sales pipeline.

Ranch Bookings also wanted to increase overall lead generation, specifically within the Dude Ranchers Association (DRA). When we began working with them, Ranch Bookings already had a number of clients that were members of the DRA. Our team immediately set out building automated workflows targeted DRA members ahead of its annual convention, helping to warm up prospects and create opportunities for Ranch Bookings at the event. Ranch Bookings signed nearly 10 new guest ranches at the event and supplemented their current funnel with another 20 opportunities for later follow-up.

With the annual DRA convention in the rear-view mirror, we began updating the Ranch Bookings website to give it a custom look and feel and added new pages detailing features and functionality. To show potential leads what Ranch Bookings can do, we developed three case studies that could be used by the sales team in attracting future customers as well as for social proof. Monthly blogs were also developed to increase organic search traffic.

On the HubSpot side, our inbound marketing team wrote and built a number of automated workflows that would email contacts based on certain triggers or criteria. Ongoing HubSpot consulting and training was provided for sales, marketing automation, and reporting.


The NgageContent team was able to successfully build out HubSpot according to Ranch Bookings’ business development practices to nurture existing opportunities and streamline how leads moved through its funnel. In addition to HubSpot, the redevelopment of their website allowed them to better communicate what the software did and what its benefits were while adding lead capture opportunities.

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