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For more than 60 years, PRADCO has been the go-to resource for HR leaders and executives looking to hire and develop their talent. Throughout their distinguished history, the PRADCO team has been driven by a mission to develop stronger organizations. As they headed into 2016, however, they found that their website did not accurately tell their story. They had a long list of clients who would vouch for how PRADCO drove their organization forward, but they had few examples of this on their website or in their existing marketing materials.


Few clients we’ve worked with at NgageContent have the amazing client stories that PRADCO does. From the start, our team came in to help redefine PRADCO’s brand messaging and brand guidelines. This started with interviews with HR professionals and senior executives who were happy with their partnership with PRADCO. They shared stories of how PRADCO completely changed how they think about both their hiring process and how they develop employees.

We also interviewed the PRADCO executive team to help find the essence of what makes their work and client service so successful. From this starting point, we worked with them on a rebrand of their marketing materials, the build of a new website, and an update to their brand mission and vision statement. This overhaul completely changed their inbound marketing strategy and helped them connect their brand voice to everything that they do.


In the end, PRADCO’s new website helped to clarify how they help organizations hire and develop their talent. With clearer navigation into PRADCO’s many successful programs, assessments, and coaching options, they are now able to speak directly to the problems of potential clients and explain how they can help. With stronger guidelines around their brand messaging, the whole PRADCO team is able to better share their story with existing clients and potential leads with confidence. Overall, they have the tools — online and in person — to match the high quality work they do.

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Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio


Human Resources Technology and Consulting