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Few companies in the Midwest live their brand better than the NOOMA team. Their organic electrolyte drink is a hit with folks who dedicate their free time to fitness, and their team is known for appearances at every gym, yoga class, and outdoor run in the region. But while their team makes a huge splash in person, their previous website left visitors thirsty for more information and an easier way to purchase NOOMA. The site was difficult to navigate and light on details about the healthy components of the drink. Worst of all, it didn’t help tell the story about how NOOMA was a product created out of the passion of fitness culture.


Inspired by the NOOMA team’s daily dedication to sweating, our team worked double time to get the new NOOMA website launched in parallel with a new package roll-out for their product. This big roll-out included a new flavor (Watermelon Lime) and an updated taste on favorite flavors Blueberry Peach, Chocolate Mint and Mango. Working with NOOMA, we were able to help better tell the story of how these drinks inspire their customers. Even better, by putting better inbound fundamentals into place, we were able to construct a site that was easier to navigate, making it easier for visitors to learn about the products, grab recipes from NOOMA’s healthy living blog or buy more drinks to help them crush their next PR (fun fact: our team learned during this project that PR stands for personal record and not public relations).


As a result of our work with NOOMA to get their new site together, they rolled out their new look and messaging in the first quarter or 2017 to mass high fives from their loyal audience. With a cleaner representation of their brand, as well as more details on why their drink replaces sugary, acidic workout drinks that currently own the market, the website has become a key pillar in how they tell their story.

You can visit the new NOOMA website at



Cleveland, Ohio


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