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Jamestown Container Companies


Jamestown Container Companies started back in 1956, and over the last 60+ years, it has grown to five locations offering a wide array of customized packaging solutions. The company’s success over all those decades was built on their ability to find new, innovative solutions for their customers, differentiating them from industry giants. At the same time, they had the size to help nearly any business.

This rich history of innovation and personalized service was lost on their existing website, however. Over many years core service offerings, contact information and helpful content were buried under pages of navigation that were confusing. Other offerings and information never made their way to the site at all. When Jamestown Container came to NgageContent, they knew they had a great story to tell — and that they weren’t telling it.


The fix was surprisingly easy: Tell the Jamestown Container story through the website in a way that highlighted who they helped and how they did so. Building a completely new site was the best solution, this time focusing on making it responsive. The site construction was built around the customers Jamestown Container served as well as the areas they could serve best with their five locations.

The story came alive with rich content about how Jamestown Container provides custom solutions, and the site supported that through navigation that led visitors through the services and industry pages for context. Because the customers that rely on Jamestown Container are extremely busy, we also simplified information like key phone numbers and contact forms to make connecting with them directly as easy as possible.

Last, but not least, we focused on their core offerings to help drive new inbound leads through search engine optimization. By creating pages for their best offerings, we were able to take advantage of search traffic in an industry where their competition is lagging far behind. To streamline the entire process, we helped update their existing HubSpot account to redirect forms and capture core traffic data.


The new website is built around Jamestown Container’s customer and prospect needs. It better explains how they come up with custom packaging solutions, and shows how the locations across the company provide better service, scale and flexibility. It also gives Jamestown Container great visibility in search, helping them stand out in their industry.

Best of all, it simplifies how prospects can get in touch with Jamestown Container to start working with them. Beyond being built responsive, the site prioritizes contact buttons, phone numbers and the login for Jamestown Container’s custom eVMI online inventory program. By making the site more descriptive, easier to use, and more focused on what Jamestown Container offers, the result is a powerful tool that is helping to grow the business.

You can visit the updated Jamestown Container website at Jamestowncontainer.com.


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