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Performance Training Solutions, or PTS, is a heavy equipment operator school located just outside Columbus, Ohio. With priorities placed on 1-on-1 instruction and hands-on training with the many types of heavy equipment available, PTS values filling up its tightly-sized classes for each of the more than a dozen course windows per year.

But that was becoming tougher to do. PTS needed to increase its online marketing presence and drive more potential students into top-of-funnel leads through inbound marketing. PTS partnered with NgageContent for support on a completely reworked website, HubSpot implementation, ongoing blogging, email marketing, social media growth, digital advertising and ongoing search engine optimization.


The NgageContent team became an outsourced marketing arm for PTS and gave the company a reset in its online efforts.

We first tackled the website through both technical — resigned architecture, framework, keyword research and optimization, and web design elements — and content improvements. We provided the written content for the entirety of the redesigned site, in close consultation with PTS, that adhered to SEO best practices and offered up fresh tactics employed for page content, future page templates, footers and calls to action.

Once the new site was deployed, NgageContent helped PTS develop its own in-house lead nurturing capabilities. We helped PTS navigate over to HubSpot, which aided in honing in on email marketing specifics like lead management, segmentation, forms and automation.

After the relaunch, we’ve continued to work hand-in-hand with PTS to maximize and follow up on those efforts with a host of ongoing services. NgageContent provides monthly SEO reviews and recommendations and monthly blog content to keep organic traffic strong and keep PTS showing up on those competitive first pages of search results.

We provide monthly advice and oversight of digital ad campaigns, including developing new landing pages to help drive those endeavors. We continue to work with PTS on email marketing by help tuning mailing lists and preparing automated workflows. And our monthly reporting details what we, and the client, learn each month.


Performance Training Solutions has seen monster results over the 12 months since we began reporting and tracking their data, and is clearly thriving through our ongoing content efforts.

Organic traffic (two-month averages at the start and end of year) to the site has increased by 480% from May 2020 through April 2021, with traffic from social channels up a whopping 22x from its initial point, and email-generated traffic up nearly 400%.

Most importantly, the leads PTS generated through its website over the last year have nearly matched that same pace. PTS generated 52 leads per month in Q1 2020; that number was 179 per month in Q1 2021, or up 344%. PTS proved to be a great case study for NgageContent to show how inbound marketing works when there is a priority placed on producing more relevant content.

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