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ProTech Security came to NgageContent in the summer of 2015 looking to help reestablish their brand. They were bringing in a new leadership team and realized that an influx of national competitors flooding the local market with low-priced security apps was making it hard to stand out.

They knew they had a unique offering and a great history of customer service success, but they had no way to tell their story. Their website had never been used as a sales tool – they purposefully didn’t push leads or customers to it because it was outdated. Beyond being outdated, it wasn’t constructed correctly for search engines, meaning they received low web traffic. What little traffic they had was also not helpful to their business – more than 50 percent of it came from outside of Ohio, even though they do not offer services outside of Northeast Ohio. Without a clear brand direction or a site to push people to, their sales team focused on sales calls that weren’t followed with clear, consistent messaging or a unified place to “push” their audience to.


Partnering with the ProTech Security team, we put together a plan meant to tackle the biggest hurdles to their business. The first iteration of this plan was to build a new website that took better advantage of the company history and success stories of ProTech Security.

Although they could not always compete with the marketing budget of national competitors, ProTech Security has long secured many of the schools, homes and government buildings in its backyard, giving it a compelling story.. Focused on clarifying what they offer their customers and highlighting their company history, we took on a full web design and development project.

Baked thoroughly into this new web design and development was a search engine optimization strategy. Because ProTech Security is a business with very clear, distinct services offerings, industry-specific pages made them far more visible to search engines. Adding to that, our team made specific content pages for markets that ProTech Security served (e.g. cities in Akron, Canton, etc.) to take advantage of local search opportunities. Using researchers from our content marketing team, we created page content with specific keywords that would drive traffic to the new site.


The launch of the new ProTech Security site gave their whole team a marketing asset they love to share. Even better, the impact on their business has been measurable. Online traffic has more than quadrupled from the last month the previous site was up. That traffic is also extremely focused: 83 percent of the site’s visitors now come from Ohio meaning traffic isn’t just up, it’s grown in the area where ProTech Security is looking for customers.

Beyond traffic, the site was built to properly take in online lead forms for the first time, giving a boost to ProTech Security’s sales team. Because it was constructed with search engine optimization in mind, they now regularly show up “above the fold” (in a top five search position) on more than 50 searches across business and residential security offerings in Northeast Ohio.

Looking to add to these results, ProTech Security is working with us on phase two of the strategy, kicking off a large content marketing and social media initiative in the third quarter of 2016.

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