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EmployStream is a SaaS company automating processes in a very manual industry. Focused on the onboarding and employee engagement space, their platform is fixing a process that staffing firms and HR professionals struggle through every day. Even better: Their founding team came from the staffing industry, meaning they know the pains well and built software meant to make daily life easier.

From the time the NgageContent team first met with the EmployStream team, one thing was clear: This software solved problems. It was also clear that the existing clients loved the software and the EmployStream team. Over the first few years of growth, however, the EmployStream messaging, website and overall brand look had not been updated to share this amazing story. As they pushed toward the bigger market, the things that made them stand out were not easy to spot in their content, brand or on their website.


Bringing to light the great platform and team at EmployStream started with a rebranding project build around clarifying their value proposition. As they’d grown, they knew they had built software that solved problems, but through interviews with their team and their clients, our team found out that they had built something truly unique. As a best-in-class solution, their clients had baked their platform into their daily work, and they were extremely thankful for the innovation.

From these interviews, we completely revisited the brand messaging and brand elements with the EmployStream team. The messaging was built around how simple the onboarding process can be with smart automation. The new positioning statement — Everybody Onboard — clarified their offering with fun phrasing. By working through the feedback from their happiest clients, our teams rebuilt their brand messaging, their internal messaging and their voice. This naturally led to a revisit of their logo and colors that helped them stand out with a more vibrant, bold look. They were providing innovation to the industry, and we created new brand elements with them that showed that clearly.


At our project’s conclusion, the EmployStream brand had been through a complete overhaul. Their team had a clearer way to describe their mission and vision both internally and externally. Their bold new brand helped them step out as a leader in their industry.

Applying the new brand standards guidelines we created with them, they were able to update their website and all of their marketing materials. Always on the move, they were out to market with the complete rebrand less than 120 days after the project start day with their clear message. Few companies we work with push as hard and as fast to innovate as the EmployStream team, and their new brand reflects the impact they’re making on the market.

Ready to get everybody on board? You can visit the updated EmployStream website at employstream.com.


Cleveland, Ohio


Software as a Service (SaaS)