Why Publishers Should Embrace Agile Content

agile content

The following is part of a guest post Beegit’s Mike Cottrill wrote for Sparksheet.

Since multi-channel content is what all the cool kids are talking about, people ask us constantly at Beegit which social, web and mobile platforms their organization should use.

They’re often surprised when instead of answering, I ask them how they create their content. From my experience, a modern and agile content production process is the real key to keeping up with the content Jetsons.

When people tell me they work with antiquated tools like Microsoft Word, I tell them there is zero chance they’ll have success with multi-channel publishing.

embrace agile content

Why? Here’s a killer stat for you: According to the CMO Council, 58 percent of Millenials expect to connect with a company whenever they choose, via whichever channel they want.

That means they expect consistent content marketing from your brand on your site, blog and social media – and they expect to read it on their iPhone and Apple Watch.

So if you don’t start by developing content agile enough to adapt to a diverse range of publishing platforms available today and those coming tomorrow, it will be harder to catch up.

Microsoft Word leads a historically corrupt family of broken workflows that suck value from the good content that teams create. Word’s co-conspirators are any process that formats or locks your content into one display option.

Agile content has the opposite effect. It’s light and flexible content that’s easy to use across any channel. It starts with evaluating anything that slows down your development process. Here are some tips to get you thinking agile.

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Mike Cottrill

Mike Cottrill

Mike is a founding partner of NgageContent and manages the strategy side of our agency. As a sales and marketing executive, he is always on top of the biggest and brightest opportunities within the inbound marketing industry.

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