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Government Contract Services


The helpful team at Government Contract Services provides a big solution for businesses looking to work with the government. It’s no secret that the path to securing a grant or contract from the government can be difficult to navigate, but Government Contract Services guides companies through the process, helping as much as needed to see their clients to the finish line. Unfortunately, their previous website did not adequately show that they had this skill set. In fact, it buried many of the key elements that made the team so successful: their experience, their approach, and the many happy client testimonials that verified how much they care. Over time, they had added content to the site to better portray these things, but it was difficult to find and slowed the site down.


From the beginning, our team worked with Government Contract Services on an approach to their inbound marketing that clearly articulated their value proposition. It was obvious to us from our first conversation that they were an industry leader, they simply needed an inbound strategy that shared their story. From the more modern look of their new website to the completely rebuilt SEO strategy, we focused on displaying their place as the expert in their field.


The Government Contract Services team provided us with insight, support, and collaboration that rivals any we’ve ever had during a website build, which resulted in a project that helps define their business online. The site design fits within their industry perfectly while giving them a modern, mobile-friendly look that catches the eye. Their services are easier to find and understand. The site is extremely search friendly, allowing the opportunity for them to become the organic SEO leader in their field. All in all, it’s one of our favorite websites because we know it serves a team that will truly benefit from a stronger online presence.

You can visit the new Government Contract Services Website at



Twinsburg, Ohio


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