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CRU Solutions


CRU Solutions is an established managed IT services provider with a great reputation throughout Northeast Ohio. Coming into 2016, they realized it was time for their website to reflect the quality work that they do. Additionally, after growing through traditional sales tactics since the company was founded in 1982, their marketing leadership was ready to put a focus on inbound marketing strategies. This was a new push for them, and they quickly realized their existing website wasn’t up to the task of attracting or generating inbound leads. 


Working to clarify their offerings and present them in a way that was optimized for search, the NgageContent team put together a modern site that spoke directly the CRU Solutions’ ideal buyer. In addition to creating new content to drive organic SEO, we also made the site mobile friendly to adjust to the number of visitors they receive from devices. On the inbound marketing front, we put a focus on driving inbound lead generation as well, building ample lead generation forms and optimizing content pages for specific audiences.


With the launch of the new site, CRU Solutions instantly had an inbound marketing asset for their business. Within 60 days of the launch, web traffic more than quadrupled and the site has seen an increase in every key metric laid out in the inbound strategy we created with their team. 

You can visit CRU Solutions new site at


Cleveland, OH